About Offenders

People who abuse children come from all economic, ethnic, social and educational backgrounds. Perpetrators often consist of family members, friends, and acquaintances. 95% of all victims know their perpetrators. Many abusers are trusted and loved by the child.

REMEMBER children rarely lie about sexual abuse. They’re more likely to deny it ever happened. You cannot recognize abusers by their appearance. Abusers may be married and have children, may have criminal records, or may be outstanding citizens. Sometimes children are sexually abused by other children. Sometimes sexual contact between kids is simply curiosity, but when one child is much older than the other, or the behavior seems unusually abusive or adult like; INTERVENE.

Offenders use many tactics to gain access to children. They may:

  • Seek out an approachable child who is easy to get to.

  • Establish a relationship with a child by buying them games or presents, becoming their best friend, volunteering to babysit often.

  • Break down child’s resistance to touch by playing frequent touching games, wrestling, tickling, etc. As a result the children become confused when the touch becomes sexual.

  • Blame the child and persuade them to keep the secret by making them feel responsible. They may tell them that they’re “special” or tell them that someone will get hurt or mad if the child tells.

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