1. It is recognized that each child and family has an inherent right to be treated with dignity.
  2. It is recognized that child abuse is a community problem. No single agency, individual or discipline has the necessary knowledge, skills or resources to provide all the assistance needed by abused children and their families.
  3. It is recognized that the combining of all experience and professional knowledge of DCFS Investigators and follow-up workers, law enforcement officers and detectives, prosecutors and medical/mental health professionals can result in a more thorough understanding of case issues and can provide the best possible system response.
  4. It is recognized that open communication and case coordination among agencies are critical for protecting the child and promoting justice and healing.
  5. It is recognized that the protection and best interests of each child will be foremost in all recommendations related to investigation, prosecution, treatment referrals and follow-up.
  6. It is recognized that “…multiple interviews by multiple interviewers have been found to be emotionally damaging to children…” (National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect).

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